20 May 2013

How the Prince Regent mounted a horse

Those who knew him well called him 'Prinny'. To the nation he was HRH George Augustus Frederick (1762-1830), Prince of Wales. He is best known as 'The Prince Regent'. Later he was to become King George IV. George's amorous entanglements as Prince of Wales, regent and King, coupled with a love of the good life, undermined his health and added to his girth.

The Times wrote about the Prince's weight and the despair of his doctors, describing the difficulty the Prince Regent had in mounting his horse: 
    "An inclined place was constructed, rising to about the height of two feet and a half, at the upper end of which was a platform. His Royal Highness was placed in a chair on rollers, and so moved by the ascent, and placed on the platform, which was then raised by screws high enough to pass the horse under; and finally, his Royal Highness was let gently down into the saddle. By these means the Regent was undoubtedly able to enjoy in some degree the benefit of air and exercise".